About the Author

Clayton Howard is a native of the Ozarks (USA). He describes his life as ‘experiential’, with a lifetime of academic and independent studies in literature, social anthropology, international political sciences, history, architectural engineering, world religions and philosophy, metaphysics and esoteric sciences. He is a journeyman carpenter and mason.

He has over four decades experience in utility construction, engineering, implementation of operations and oversight. He was among the pioneers in laser optic communications. Throughout his decades in the utility and construction industries he has designed and implemented numerous innovations used globally for our global interfaces.

In brief: In the 1960s and early 1970s he participated in the origination of the Older Adult Transportation Services (OATS) and a variety of social issues regarding care of the elderly in rural America. He was participant in the original Family Crisis formations providing retreat, services and accommodations for those in critical situations. He was a major supporter and volunteer of the ‘Hagen House’ in the inner city of Kansas City devoted to providing retreat, food and shelter for homeless children. He was participant in many ecumenical efforts and the youngest ex-officio delegate to the World Council of Religions. He was administrator of state youth camp programs focused on education and appreciation of nature and our planets’ environment.

In all, he was a pioneer in many social and environmental issues on the forefront today, though he is a very staunch conservative who sees the radical ignorance, arrogance and hypocrisies of many activist groups that have embraced these issues today.

His literary work has been a matter of personal avocation and spans over a half century. At the encouragement of family and friends he now considers selectively publishing his ‘writs’; but, only in manners that have productive objectives:

One: Presented in a manner that has the potential to benefit those who authentically want to be better little souls in a complicated world.

Two: Presented in a manner that will constructively antagonize the negative forces of religion, politics, individual and social ignorance, intellectual vanities, the weakness of the social parasites and the bureaucracies that depend upon them, the fallacies and dangers of religions. Ultimately, the purpose of these ‘writs’ is to provide perspectives that help each individual be a better, more self-reliant, internally strong person with the disciplines essential to contributing to a better world. (It must be noted, he is a deeply spiritual person of a ‘Universalist’ nature and acknowledges the values religions can have.)

Three: At the options of those who may actually read these commentaries and transcripts, folks are invited to visit the little shop on this website called ‘Stuff and Things’, you may find some ‘things’ useful. Your purchases serve the purposes of the author, which are: to pursue prototypes of a passive energy generation system that does not require fuel and has no bi-product (PEGS-Passive Energy Generation Systems), symbiotic/localized farming systems for future subsistence agriculture; and, a variety of useful self-sufficient innovations for the family and communities around the planet.

I have lived a long time, been many places, seen and done many things, studied in many places and ways, watched, listened, been mindful of everything and everyone around me at every moment of my life. This does not mean I am a ‘know it all’ or almighty wise; but, it does provide an opportunity for you to be presented with perspectives that will be helpful in making your own conclusions about countless issues we all face in a complex and anxious world.

I will often insert commentaries from my diary. After time in the ‘Indo-China’ war I was focused upon what made humans do the most horrible and illogical things to each other and all the world around them. I began a diary, of sorts, about political events, social events, and projected the consequences of these happenings in the future. The future is now. To my own bewilderment, I was correct in almost every circumstance. This has provoked encouragement from friends and acquaintances to post many of my commentaries along the way. Some of you may find these worthwhile in your considerations of what is happening and will eventually result in your lifetime. From this, you can be a more valuable contributor to your world and time.

This little website is somewhat unusual in that it is not intended to sell you anything. You will not be ‘marketed’. There are no gimmicks or devious intentions. Now that this is said, I do have a little store  with things you might find useful. It helps pay the bill. If you want something, get it. If you don’t, it’s all okay!

Clay Howard