The Issue of Tolerance

By Clay Howard

It has taken many centuries for humans to refine the concept of ‘tolerance’.  The Republic of the United States of America has been, and remains, the greatest experiment to this end in known history.  Yes, it has been a hard road as the concept was not applied very well in our earlier days as a nation of people.  Yet, we have made remarkable progress considering the overall timeframe of human history.  This country has become not only an example of that effort but an inspiration to others around the globe.

A constitutional republic is an amazing thing…and precious.  It provides for the concept and  application of human rights and individual dignity. We all know, very well, how difficult that has been to achieve but we have made great strides in achieving it.

Now, in these times, these values of ‘tolerance’ are threatened more than any time in modern history.  The invasion of Islam into the court and social and educational systems is a well planned, patient and unrelenting movement to abolish this precious constitution and replace it with a theocratic power under the instrument of Shariah Law. 

If you carefully read the permanent heading in this menu item you will more understand why I say this.

Fatal Tolerance

Most of us have been raised and groomed to be tolerant.  This quality is valued and we make great effort to assure that others have the same quality.  It provides for a more harmonious and orderly society.  It provides equal opportunity for people to live peacefully and with a peculiar degree of grace that makes us better creatures .  I grew up with a family and extended family of five races and that many different religions.  Within this diversity was a common understanding and sense of humor allowing for, and perpetuated, ‘Tolerance’.   

Now, in America and elsewhere, this fine quality is infected with ignorance and denial.  Yes, tolerance can be our greatest weakness, our Achilles Heel, and device used to ignore reality, even a way of hiding our cowardice.

As for myself, I am a very tolerant person.  I do not care what a persons’ religious beliefs are as long as it makes them a better, more caring, more loving, more gracious individual in the world around them.  I may not believe as they do but it makes no difference to me.  However, when a religion makes them bigots, damning me (as a soul), an infidel with no regard for my worth as a person, to convert or die, I have a problem with that.  Wouldn’t you?     

Islam sees this quality of ‘tolerance’ as a door wide open for the elimination of tolerance and the establishment of Shariah Law.  Shariah Law is the single greatest oppression of human dignity ever devised.  Yet, the most liberal and so-called ‘educated’ people consider themselves defenders of religious tolerance while, in reality, they are setting the stage for the loss of the very thing that they hold most dear….liberty.

For example, the feminist and virtually all women who have lived under this marvelous constitutional system hold their freedoms and the concept of equality to be dear to them.  Yet, they obviously have no awareness of the fact, complete and undeniable fact, they will lose all this freedom and equality under Shariah Law.  If you do not believe this, simply read Shariah Law for yourself.

The female, as she lives her daily normal life in America today, will not be tolerated under Islam.  Things she normally does without any consideration of doing anything wrong would bring death to her or the most cruel of punishments under Sharia Law.

This is just one single example.  If you really want to know more about the intolerance you are perpetuating with your tolerance, read Shariah Law.

I know, most personally, many women who would not live long under this mandate of Sharia law, as they are very independent, live a self-sufficient life and treasure their liberties as a citizen of a free republic society.  If Shariah law becomes a standard of ‘virtuous living’ in these nations of freedom, you, as a woman today, and your granddaughters and great-granddaughters will live in an oppressive world you cannot imagine, at present, could exist.

So, the serious questions are upon you.  At what point is tolerance no longer a virtue?  When does your tolerance become a weapon for the elimination of the very values of life you so cherish?  When is intolerance a justified strength against an evil that threatens the most valued principles of human dignity?  These are real questions each of us must answer for ourselves.  And, as each person becomes aware of this reality the answers will be very similar. 

It takes much more courage to be intolerant as it takes very little to be tolerant.  Why?  Because we must set aside our innate nature to love and accept others.  It is difficult indeed. 

However, the time has come when men and women of good intent must recognize the evil of Islam in the world of humans and become warriors, in their own manner, to face this great evil of bigotries and suppression of human dignity.

I recently read a book titled ‘How to Control Women’.  It is published by the Nation of Islam.  Now, I am a man and still found it totally insulting.  This is far beyond my mind-frame as I do respect and encourage women, all people, to be free and of good character in their lives.   

Sadly, our Bill of Rights and the constitution of our United States (originally the 13 colonies) allows for the right of religions to exist and be protected from discrimination or oppression.  The Supreme Court is in a paradox position regarding this issue of separation of ‘church and state’.  Entities such as the ALCU and the Muslim Brotherhood have challenged any agenda or item considering the status of Islam in America.  The ‘nation of Islam’, has been a forerunner in establishing Islam and Shariah Law in the workplace and educational systems in our public schools.  Politicians or any court system that has considered any form of policy that constrains Islam has been targeted in many ways by the forces of Islam, both domestically and internationally.

The long-term and patient objective is to establish, by judicial law, the common practice and enforcement of ‘Shariah Law’ in America and other democracies on this planet.

This is not just conjecture on my part.  It is a written, ordained, proclaimed agenda of Islam.  Read it for yourself, if you dare.   

In conclusion, recent history has demonstrated the limits that constructive tolerance has.  If you know anything at all about history, it is self-evident.  The tolerance of Islam in these Constitutionally structured societies that are relent upon producing liberty and equality for the people, and an environment of tolerance to its’ extreme, will soon provide a victory for Islam and Shariah Law.  Mark my word.

Clay Howard