Sharia Law & Liberty

Sharia law & Liberty


Before beginning a series of commentaries on this item in the menu it is important you, as a reader, have some insight into why it is presented, my personal and direct experiences and research on this issue.  I have traveled in my profession for many decades and met many people, on the streets and alleys and eating places.  As a student of world religions and anthropology it was my nature to seek out those of different religions and backgrounds to see what they thought about many issues in America.  I have been in and worked in almost every major city in America.  Keep this in mind.

I took notice that it was impossible to meet one of Islamic faith who actually worked in the labor force.  Have you ever met one?  If so, it was a rarity.  It took notice, all I ever saw or talked to lived in enclaves isolated from the general public. These enclaves were not slums of low rent housing by far.  They were always ‘high class’ enclaves.  It took notice, at certain times of the day, that men (of all ages) were walking somewhere to a gathering (men only) for prayers to Mecca and sermons praising Allah.  I took notice no Muslim ever engaged in casual conversation with a ‘non-believer’.  I took notice that no female ever talked to a man without a family member or overseer present or within ear shot.

So, for over three decades I made it a special effort to begin a conversation with a ‘believer’ man.  I made it a point to direct the conversation to religious politics.  (I can be a bit presumptuous.)  During those three plus decades and asked them which they would prefer to have in America…..The Constitutional Republic system we now have or Sharia Law.  Of the many hundreds I asked this question they either totally refused to answer or answered “Sharia Law”.  I can reasonably assume those who refused to answer would prefer ‘Sharia Law’.

Also, keep in mind, it is written in Sharia Law as a directive, and admissible, that you can and should lie to an ‘infidel’ when to the perpetuation of Islam.       

I now have a question for you.  Have you read the book of Sharia Law?  Have you read and studied the Koran?  I have.

It is on these foundations that I include this portion in the menu of this website.


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Sharia Law & Liberty

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