(A half century of failure)

Poverty is much more than simple money and income. It has little or nothing to do with being poor. Poverty encompasses a wide horizon of personal and social issues.  Poverty is the ‘impoverishment’ of individual and collective attitudes, mind-sets, ambitions, social/community circumstances, family structure and environment, discipline, work-ethic, accountability, lack of incentive, political policy and any number of more subtle elements.  The negative side of these elements of life are the root-cause of what we refer to as ‘poverty’. Poverty is a product of ‘impoverishments’.  Most humans are poor by economic standards established by someone.  But, impoverishment of the human circumstance is poverty. 

We recently acknowledged the 50th anniversary of ‘the war on poverty’……an integral part of Linden Johnsons’ ‘New Society’.  In 1964 America was in great social turmoil over a number of things.  Racial integration, consolidation of schools and busing, the Vietnam War, ‘States Rights’ versus centralized government, the ‘Cold War’ and the expansion of communism in Europe, Asia and South America, the rebuilding of ‘war ravaged Europe’ and maintaining NATO, to mention a few. 

Within a 25 year period America had experienced World War 2, the Korean War and was officially entering the Vietnam/Indo-china war.  This period had created a new economic, social and political environment in America.  It had, for one, become a military industrial complex dependent upon war as an economic base.  Second, the necessities of the war industry and its’ related essentials and Eisenhowers’ focus on national infrastructure (the interstate highway system, for example) awakened an agricultural nation to the prospects of an industrialized international economy.  The entire nation had raised the bar on its’ own standard of expectations and demands.  What would need to be done to keep it going?  Backing-up, returning to its’ status quo, was now unacceptable.  New and daring ventures must be created to sustain this ‘new world of expectations’. Ventures, real or fabricated, were politically and socially essential.

This ‘new level of expectations’ and an awakening to internal social issues created greater demands upon leadership.   Linden Johnsons’ ‘new society’ programs addressed both the economic and social demands of the moment.  This was the beginning of a government of countless departments and agencies that began the great ‘impoverishment’ of America disguised as ‘the war on poverty’.         

There are countless examples of this ‘impoverishment’ but HUD (Housing and Urban Development) is a classic example.  I read most of Malcolm X during that time simply to be more aware of the Black Panthers along with many other ‘activist’ movements.  Malcolm X opposed HUD. Why?  He considered it to be parallel to the concentration camps of Hitler whereby specific groups of people were enticed, corralled and housed in designated areas to control and micro-manage their activity.  He foresaw these concentration camps becoming ghettos of dependency groups.  Family and social structure would   deteriate.  Crime and general decline would prevail.  He was and remains correct. 

It was during this period that the temptations of dipping into the social security coffer were irresistible.  Keep in mind that Social Security is an investment program, not an entitlement; but programs such as SSI (Supplemental Security Insurance) and a very liberal ‘disability’ program went full-bloom and are the real drain on the social security trust. These recipients had not invested in anything and were not ‘entitled’ to anything. Millions of people pounced on these programs and became ticks living their lives as worthless, willing parasites on society.  It was, and remains, a ‘vote getter’.  This being said, there are those who absolutely cannot care for themselves and it is only right to help them with fundamental needs. 

Food stamps (now ‘food cards’), single parent housing, ‘earned income credit’ (which is a typical misuse of words as it is actually ‘unearned paycheck from china’) and so many perks it is difficult to dig into all that do exist, are all ‘vote getters’.

We are a society overpopulated, with limited resources, limited jobs with decreasing skills, limited sustainable economics yet we pay people to breed illegitimately through ‘social welfare programs’ and give them a tax deduction for each child and an ‘unearned paycheck from china’ every year.  The lack of logic defies all logic.

The scale and magnitude of these socially impoverishing programs is so immense it is beyond monitoring and definition…..even within government.

What are the consequences of the 50 year ‘war on poverty’? 

  • Welfare, in its’ multi-faceted design, is the largest single industry in America while encouraging and perpetuating poverty by the ‘impoverishment’ of the national human attitude. 
  • About 60% of births in America are ‘bastard births’ with a single parent.  In 2013 73% of all black births were ‘bastard births’ to a single parent on welfare.  Half of all other groups are bastard births.
  • Multi-generational welfare families are often encouraging under-age pregnancy as a device to increase benefits.  *Rather than statutory rape, charging the couple and parent(s), this is overlooked and the benefits are dished-out.  Why?
  • Family Planning lost its’ original intent of good prior planning and preparation for a family.  It has become an industry of micro-management of family (via family services and other devices) and a place to kill unborn babies.  Prior planning and preparation now has nothing to do with family planning; rather, encouraging illegitimate breeding, an opportunity to deny breeding promiscuity,  and impoverishment.
  • The great divide between opulence and poverty has widened.  The 21 trillion (+) dollars spent to eradicate poverty in America has gone to developers, politicians and government personnel, with the leftovers to edify ‘the herd’ of poverty.
  • There is no incentive to liberate oneself from ‘poverty’.  Personal responsibility and accountability are concepts no longer understood by the general populous.
  • Even radical racial groups (such as the NAACP), frenzy-feeders like Jesse Jackson and the black caucuses benefit by the adversities these ‘impoverishment programs’ perpetuate.

Real Poverty Solutions

  • Constructive approaches to skills training, vocational training.  This is where real jobs are.
  • Disciplines in family structure and breeding accountability.
  • Dissolution of HUD concentration camps and most ‘family services’ agencies.
  • Time-frame limitations for welfare benefits to individuals and families.
  • Restructuring taxes to eliminate deductions and paychecks for breeding.  A tax deduction for having a child while providing economic and lifestyle incentives to breed illegitimately defies all logic and practicality.
  • Limiting immigration and strict enforcement of our nations’ sovereignty.  The original and sole purpose of a military is to protect the sovereignty of the nation; yet, it is used for everything but this purpose. 
  • Re-establishing the ‘dignity of work’ as the axiom of human activity. (A laptop in a padded cubical is not the only job in the world and not the real ‘paying job’.)  We have a great demand for real ‘hands-on’ skills and trades-people in America; yet, few are willing to actually, physically work.
  • severe regulations and censorship of the entertainment industries; e.g. video games, profanity, superfluous movie and game violence, glorifying the criminal mind, nudity, pornography, the idolized obscenity of illegitimate art-forms such as ‘rap’…..all as degenerate elements in a society in need of good character.
  • severe disciplines in government, at all levels, regarding economic budgeting, pork barrel legislation, salaries, benefit programs, expenditures, ethical conduct and time of service in elected positions.
  • Eliminating all government and public personnel unions and the public burden of these long-term ‘perks’ not available to those who will be forced to pay the bill from the private sector.
  • Dissolving the voluntary, professional military.  Replacing it with a mandatory 2 year (+) military service for all (male and female) youth at the age of 18 (for example) as a prerequisite for full citizenship.  No exceptions. No excuses.  This is obliging the most ancient and primitive cultures in history whereby your place in society is earned.      Note:  Even in this, trades, skills, character development, the disciplines of life can be the benefit program…..not a bunch of perks.
  • Eliminating the federal department of education and consolidation of schools.  Returning the responsibility of basic education to the local communities as a method of putting ‘community’ back in children and children back in ‘community’.
  • In general, the list of real solutions is in eliminating the micro-management of life by eliminating agencies, programs and ‘political correctness’; thus, allowing reality to resolve the issues of personal and collective life.  Replacing these ‘impoverishment programs’ with mandates, expectations, ‘opportunities’, personal accountability will minimize the process of impoverishment that creates poverty.


  • Being poor is not poverty.  Poverty is a state of ‘impoverishment’.  ‘Impoverishment’ is a state of mind and spirit instigated and perpetuated by power-structures.  When people have a humble dignity and appreciation of the real values of life they are usually happy.  This is a fact of life for rich or poor.
  • Impoverishment of dignity leaves a person aimless and angry.  This is real poverty.
  • Relevant and real skills, trades, the freedom of mobility and freedom from corrupted influences allow the individual to be aloof to and/or overcome poverty……poor or wealthy.   
  • Accountability and responsibility are the real incentives to a disciplined and worthy life.
  • In any form of economic and political structure there will always be the poor and those who have much.  The realistic war is one that allows moderation and dignity for both.
  • Real solutions follow the rule of life…..the more desperate humans are for real solutions the less acceptable real solutions become.  They will be painful and require at least two generations to resolve.   

The present reality 

We are now a society with most of the population getting a ‘cardboard check’ and perk from government.  Those in political office cannot do what is logical or to the benefit of the nation and stay in office.  The public will vote them out for doing the right thing.  This is the historical reality of all societies who have attempted a democracy as it becomes a socialist system of dependency.  The fault does not lie in government; rather, in the ignorance, wdeakness and selfishness of the governed who put weak and devious people in power.  A totally ‘honest’ politician cannot exist in a society that is not honest with itself.  We have already out-lived our timetable as a democracy….historically.

The ‘war of poverty’ only accelerated our demise as a democracy and perpetuated poverty.   Considering our present circumstance, Impoverishment is a reversible disease but will require force to create real opportunity and liberty, not democratic process.