Note: This article was written in 1970 – 48 years ago. It addresses the issue of overpopulation of our species on this small planet. Please read it and consider the implications of ‘Over breeding’ which are far more impactive on every element of life. This is part 1.

Over-breeding… a global nemesis

The greatest nemesis of the human race in maintaining a livable planet is human population. Within the next three decades the human population will exceed six billion. By the year 2030 we will number nearly 12 billion (documented and not-documented).

The facts are simple. Every crisis and issue on the planet, from economics to environment to social global dynamics, are not solvable until humans control their breeding.

Over-breeding remains a reality of deprivation, inhumanity and self-destruction, today and imminently pending. Religions, ignorance, deteriorating family and social structures and the surrogate management of personal accountability by governmental bureaucracies are the primary contributors to prolific, irresponsible breeding within our species. These factors have been enhanced by a 200 year period of the most ‘human-friendly’ global climate, allowing for unprecedented food supply, infra-structure and general comfort.

I recall, in the 1960’s the introduction of an interesting concept called ‘family planning’. It addressed our need to prepare ourselves for parenthood as providers and also a mature relationship as mutual parents. It also had something to do with the awareness that we would soon over-breed and create a global environment for mass starvation, disease and conflict over resources. Of course, as with most things of foresight and wisdom, family planning and an understanding of the reasons for it, did not catch on very well. Stupidity is easier and uses all means to justify itself.

Being raised on a farm and working around farms and agriculture throughout my life I automatically relate over-breeding to the fundamentals of agriculture and land management. Whether livestock or   crops the importance of ‘density’ and types of use are the crux on which a farm succeeds or fails. It is a matter of sustainability of the land being used and the peripheral impacts of the land use. From the health and survivability of the livestock or crop, to water availability and quality, air, soil, diseases and impacts upon the land around it, good judgment and stewardship is critical.

Somehow, we, as humans, have the illusion we are not part of this planet or subject to its’ natural laws. Sorry folks, we are accountable and totally a part of, and subject to, these laws.

Food supplies and recourses will diminish. The worlds’ food reserves are virtually non-existent. It will require only one global crop failure to plunge our specie into global famine and the diseases and anarchy inherent to the concentrated mass death of any specie.

Fact check:

  • First recorded famine was in 441 B.C. Throughout history, war, social upheaval, immigration and population have contributed to famine. https://ourworldindata.org/famines
  • Hybrid genetics of food crops, corporate control of base-crops, corporate farming replacing localized farming, increased global dependency on food supply and its’ distribution will create a precarious fragility regarding food production, distribution. Any interruption will halt food supply to the major portion of humanity. Also, this global distribution of foods is a distribution of diseases and infestations that hinder local crops and husbandry.
  • Concentration of any life-form creates a consumption and waste crisis. It is only a matter of time, and a very short time, when the sheer magnitude of waste (organic and synthetic/toxic) from the overpopulated areas of our planet will breed diseases and infestations beyond immunity and cope ability. Waiving the wand of disposal is not a solution. There is an old saying “dilution is the illusion to a solution to pollution”. Nothing goes away…and accumulates perpetually.

Awash in a sea of trash – By Pearl Liu – www.theworldcounts.com/…/world_waste_facts\

  • The concentration of our specie neutralizes the innate contribution of that area to the overall symmetry of the global eco-system. The inevitable activity of industry, housing, commerce, transport paths, elimination of absorption areas for water into the water-tables, alteration of the fragile chemistry of water, air and soils contributes to the diminishing stability and livability of the total incorporated planetary system.
  • Over-breeding creates ‘superfluities’. The economics of over-breeding creates a transition from needs to wants.Industries of ‘wants’ supersede the industries of ‘needs’. The demand and supply axioms of goods, resources and people become artificial. Most industrializing, overpopulated societies will soon find that most jobs and services have nothing to do with the needs of life; rather, the toys, trinkets, gadgets, opulence’s, vicarious entertainments and artificial services of life. Jobs and industries will be invented simply to give people something to do. The most sought after ‘jobs’ will be those that have nothing to do with the reality of ‘needs’. Mature attention to ‘needs’ will diminish until the ‘supply’ of needs and those who provide the supply will be limited. This will be the fundamental collapse of societies in the future. Artificial economics will not sustain itself.
  • Over-breeding and the rise of socialism. ‘Socialism’ is a phenomenon that can occur within any political structure. From democracies to monarchies the demands of the masses unable to provide for themselves begin to demand the political system take care of them. Socialism is a consequence of events as well as an innate appeal to weaknesses within human nature. In order to stay in power, for the long-term, a ‘politic’ will appease the demands of the masses; thus, creating a burden unsustainable and a weaker collective of people depending upon it. No socialist state has survived, nor will it ever. Regardless of this reality, the perpetual downspin of societies around the globe will be the result of over-breeding and the innate rise of socialist systems incapable of sustaining the ‘parasitic’ mentality of the populous.
  • An interesting facet of over-breeding is the phenomenon of ‘illegitimate breeding’. Overpopulated societies tend to ignore the essential disciplines of social stability innate to smaller collectives or communities. Responsibility and accountability become abstractions rather than concrete essentials. Illegitimate breeding and the incompetence of parenting create a demand for social systems to be created to manage and micro-manage a ‘bastard’ society. These social creations soon become ‘industries’ within a political system serving as a surrogate replacing the disciplines of responsibility and accountability by the breeders. Ultimately, one result of over-breeding is illegitimate breeding and the decline in social stability and order. For too long, religions and socialized subsidy has encouraged irresponsibly breeding by tax incentives to breed and support systems rather than breeding being taxed and imposing significant accountability upon the ‘breeders’.
  • Over-breeding is subject to a fundamental law of nature… ’the more you have of something the less value it has’. Humans, as a whole, have never put significant value on the individual, especially those not within their immediate circles. Today, and in the future, the social pathology innate to population density will diminish the actual significance of an individuals’ worth. We will become commodities of worth based upon our productivity and consumer index and the tenure of our productivity. We will become liabilities as productivity diminishes. The totalitarian intricacies of law will have no regard for individual confidentiality or liberty of personal decision… especially as we age. Much of the totalitarian law will be under the pretense of defending us from each other and oversight of those who lost productivity.
  • Caste and class systems will become more fixed and rigid. Over-breeding creates an unmanageable social and economic scenario regarding individual opportunity and flexibility. Whereas we have initiated a group of societies minimizing caste and class systems we are also creating the foundation for a very clear system to the contrary. Wealth and political power are now concentrating into social groups that isolate themselves from other groups. The idea of ‘upper class’, ‘middle class’, ‘lower class’ is based upon wealth and/or association…mostly wealth. As the gap between these three groups widens, and the middle class slowly disappears, the caste system becomes more rigid. Cultures, such as that in India, are so rigidly ‘casted’ the plight of your birth is the plight of your death. Period. This disdainful reality is most perpetuated by over-breeding and population densities resulting in low value of the individual and a rigidly defined caste system.

The impacts of over-breeding are far-reaching. From the diminishing value of the individual to the countless natural events of human demise the subject is voluminous and far too candid for most human capacity to grasp or accept. As resources diminish, political and economic systems weaken and the demands of over-breeding exceed all forms of ‘supply’, the raw reality faces us: ‘which is most important, which is most intelligent, which is most moral, which is most humane, which is most foresighted, which is most respectful regarding the present and future of all life on the planet… quantity or quality?

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