Great American Drone Turkey Shoot

In the tradition of real Americans, and all those who value the sovereignty and privacy of human life, the good ol’ Turkey Shoot takes aim at the greatest single totalitarian weapon of Big Brother.

  • Government, military, law enforcement and corporations have joint-ventured in introducing small, remote ‘eyes in the sky’ over American soil. Within the next few years it is estimated that there will be over 7,000 drones monitoring the most intimate lives of Americans….including you! The number of these ‘spy machines’ will grow every year. Drones will be watching wherever you live on this planet.
  • Of course, the joint response of these New World Totalitarians is denial of the ultimate purposes of the drone industry. All response is that drones will be used for benign purposes and useful in safeguarding America (and the world), gathering data for weather, planning programs, agriculture, efficiency in delivery services, etc. These are true uses but it will not stop there. It will immediately go beyond the benign! They are pissing down your back and telling you it’s raining!
  • Technology is a fine thing. However, as with all modes of discovery and invention, it also has savage potentials. If it can be done, it will be done. Drones will be armed with cameras, audio, a great variety of monitoring devises and, ultimately, with weaponry. ‘Joy-stick nerds’ will be flying their devious toys over your lives! Lethal, armed drones will hover over America in the near future. This is the reality of your future…..and that of your posterity!

“It is now time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country (or anywhere they live)!”

Drones will become legal. Legal is a result of industry, economics and politics’. It has nothing to do with the constitution or what is morally and ethically right. Do not do business with those who use drones and let them know why. Confront law enforcement and any entity using drones. Confront them in any way necessary…especially elected offices, by letting them know they will not hold office long.

Note: The Great American Drone Turkey-shoot Alliance is not a registered or official organization.  It is simply a declaration of ‘non-approval’ of the dangers Drones and other devices of this technology age are imposing and will increasing impose upon human society.  In due course, there will be items of information about drones and other devices to keep you informed.  There may be gatherings and real ‘Drone Turkey-shoots’ in the future.  Get your shot-gun ready for shooting some drones and winning a ham or turkey and whatever comes to pass.

My hope is that perhaps millions of folks will join together and stop the madness and intrusions of technology industries and governments. Our collective efforts can make a difference….a serious difference.  Join in this effort.

 Join the Great American Drone Turkey-shoot Alliance!