The Universal Infidel

Book of Spiritual Liberation

“The human race is ready for liberation from our religious bigotries and inhumanity.”

  • The Universal Infidel provides reassurance for those who question the traditional doctrines of their religion.
  • The Universal Infidel is a proclamation of liberation from the past servitudes and contradictions of religions and encourages your pursuits of a more coherent and compatible spiritual life.
  • The Universal Infidel does not intend to replace your religion; rather, provide an opportunity for your personal progression into the infinite potentials of your soul.
  • The Universal Infidel provides insight into a more intimate attunement with your Creator.
  • The Universal Infidel addresses the reality of an infinite universe, an Infinite Creator and you as a precious part of this Creators’ plan.
  • The Universal Infidel is the next step in the course of human spiritual evolution as ‘godlettes’ of Life.
  • Finally, The Universal Infidel provides the foundation of what we need to know. From this, we can pursue things we want to know.
Ultimately, this small, simple text is available to you as a supplemental guide to the core purpose of your existence; the consummation of over a half century of private meditation and final mandate to a common carpenter-mason in our present times. Enjoy. Grow.

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